An expedition that will be breaking barriers and records!

Imagine flying around in the world in a small, bird-like plane that skims the skies and yet affords you spectacular views of the Earth below.

That is the WE! Expedition.

A circumnavigation of the Earth in a motorglider is a feat so difficult that it has only ever been accomplished five times before, and never by a woman.

Once completed, the WE! Expedition and its all woman team will be breaking barriers and records and creating a series of firsts:

  1. World Record for the first motorglider circumnavigation by women pilots
  2. World First for an all-woman, non-commercial, civilian expedition
  3. First motorglider circumnavigation by Indian pilots, man or woman

Taking off in 2018, touching 3 continents and covering more than 40,000 kms in 100 days, the WE! Expedition is a flight into history.

And the countdown has begun.